Dear John…

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Dear John…

feature documentary to be released in 2016



“A few months ago while on Facebook, I came across a disturbing letter from an ex- girlfriend called Clayre who had written to a man called John. Her letter referred to our time as teenagers and was a blistering attack and an anguished cry accusing John of being a paedophile, having sexually exploited several of my closest friends from that time.

Since speaking in depth with Clayre I have begun to realise the real cause to a chain of tragic events affecting my friends, spanning more than three decades.

I, the director Bill Watts, have lived in Sweden for the past 25 years and only recently regained contact with my teenage friends – the characters in this film – through Facebook. My personal connection to them, along with the knowledge of how dismally most of the victims have lived their lives, now drives me to join them on their journey of trying to come to terms with their fractured lives.”
/Bill Watts, director


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Forum Nordisk Panorama 2015

Chinema, Work-In-Progress