My Aunt in Sarajevo

About This Project

My Aunt in Sarajevo (Min faster i Sarajevo)

58 min 2016


Awards and Nominations

2 Awards the Swedish Top Honor Gala, Guldbaggegalan for:

Best Director 2016: Goran Kapetanović
Best Supporting Actress 2016: Sadžida Šetić as Radmila

Nominated in the following categories
Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Director of Photography, Best Male Actor & Best Supporting Actress




Obstinate Swedish daughter forces father to confront his younger Bosnian self on a trip to Sarajevo.




Zlatan, 50, has not been in Bosnia since he left the country as a war refugee, more than twenty years ago. His only contact with Bosnia consists in sending money to a woman who takes care of his old aunt. Zlatan’s daughter Anja, 18, who lives with her mother, wants to know more about her Bosnian roots, but Zlatan makes an effort to hide and suppress his painful memories and is not eager to tell her anything about Sarajevo or his own life. Anja has decided to travel to Sarajevo and Zlatan tries to stop her, but surprisingly he finds himself in a taxi together with Anja, going towards the city of Sarajevo…



World premiere at the Gothenburg International Film Festival 2016

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